Music Ed Mentor Podcast #90: Accessing ESSER Funding

accessing esser funding

I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a lot of government funding out there for schools! In this episode, I bring in my friend Mike Kamphuis, Managing Director of the Division of Education at Conn Selmer, who has been working for more than a decade to help schools get more funding. We’ll take you through the steps you need to take to access these funds for your program—no fundraising or grant-writing needed. 

We’ll also talk about free supports for making your case in accessing the funding. We’ll talk about how much money is out there, why now is the best time to access it, and how to find the information you need to make it happen. Just think—what would you do with extra funding for your program?

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Topics Covered

  • Finding the person at your school with access to federal funding.
  • Stakeholders (parents, community, administration) who can help with your needs assessment.
  • ESSER statutes—what does your program need?
  • How funds can be applied to your program.
  • Timeline for funding.


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