Music Ed Mentor Podcast #89: Preparations for Next School Year You Can Do Now

mem preparations next school year

This episode fulfills a request from so many listeners—to bring on exemplary teachers who have been “boots on the ground” in the classroom over the past year, during the pandemic. So today I interview my friend Steve Graves, a composer and arranger with more than two decades of teaching in middle school band who has truly embraced what is possible teaching in the online space.

I ask Steve what’s been working well with him this year, and how he plans on bridging the knowledge gap that has inevitably separated his students from where they should typically be this time of year. We also talk about his favorite features of online teaching, and some of the ways that he’s recruiting and retaining students for the upcoming year.

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Topics Covered

  • What works well for online teaching
  • How teachers have professionally grown and improved skills
  • Contributions made to the overall community
  • Ideas for preparing for the next school year
  • Considerations to make this summer

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