Music Ed Mentor Podcast #87: The Intersection of Music Education and Industry

MEM Intersection of Education and Industry

Have you ever debated changing careers? I’m a prime example of someone who loved teaching, would happily go back to teaching, but took a great leap of faith to refocus my career on what I’ve viewed as a more impactful personal mission. You shouldn’t have to start back at the beginning of your bachelor’s degree to find a job to match your skill set—there are lots of ways to use your education and music background, and this episode will cover many of them.

To help me cover this topic, I’ve brought on the host of the Smart Women In Music Podcast and Public Relations Strategist at D’Addario & Company, Inc., Natalie Morrison. Natalie comes from a background of music educators and recently had me as a guest on her podcast to talk about partnerships between education and industry. 

And if you’re in the group of listeners that’s happy in your teaching career, stay tuned as well because we also talk about how you can leverage the other side of music education, and that’s the music industry. 

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