Music Ed Mentor Podcast #61: Implementing SEL

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Today I’ve brought on one of the world’s foremost experts in a truly relevant topic in music education today: Social Emotional Learning, or SEL. Dr. Scott Edgar presents internationally on music education and social emotional learning and literally wrote the book AND the workbook “Music Education and Social Learning”.

I’m a complete novice when it comes to “SEL,” and you know I like to be in the loop when it comes to the hottest concepts to implement in your classroom. It’s hard to only spend an hour delving into not only what SEL is, but how it looks in the classroom, how to implement it, why it’s important, and why every single music educator in the country needs to be doing some of it right now – but that’s why we have Scott here! 

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Topics Covered

  • What is social-emotional learning?
  • How you can incorporate SEL for any age
  • Finding social-emotional learning resources
  • Why is it important to include SEL in your classroom?
  • How to start using social-emotional learning

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Elisa Janson Jones

An experienced K8 music educator, Elisa Janson Jones specializes in helping music educators build, manage, and grow thriving school music programs and have long and happy careers. She holds a bachelor of music from Brigham Young University and a master of business administration from Western Governors University. Elisa uses her vast and diverse skillset to help nonprofits, businesses, and music educators around the world. She serves as conductor of her local community band, a columnist for SBO Magazine, and maintains a private lesson studio. Elisa is a nationally-recognized speaker, the host and producer of the Music Ed Mentor Podcast, founder of the International Music Education Summit, and author of The Music Educator’s Guide to Thrive.

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