Music Ed Mentor Podcast #60: Taking Your Group Global

Taking your group global

My guest this week is Gavin Tabone, an elementary music teacher who has created an after-school choir group that has received world-wide acclaim. The Barton Hills Choir stream their performances, are backed by a full band, tour the country, and play high-profile events like the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

All of our groups, choir or otherwise, could benefit from a little bit of this kind of magic, right? As your group gets more attention, you are basically establishing your own advocacy platform. Everyone loves being on the winning team that gets all the love. And in this episode, Gavin is going to tell us how to get it. 

Be sure to listen to the very end where we share the easiest way you can use all the information from this episode both affordably and practically.

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Topics Covered

  • Build Your Audience Locally
  • How to Get Gigs
  • Connecting with Your Audience
  • Arranging for Your Group
  • Travel Tips

Bonus Material: Checklist for Taking Your Group Global

Whether your goal is for news of your group to travel across town or for the ensemble to travel the world, Gavin has some great tips to share. Enter your email address to download a PDF checklist to help you take your students further. 

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Elisa Janson Jones

An experienced K8 music educator, Elisa Janson Jones specializes in helping music educators build, manage, and grow thriving school music programs and have long and happy careers. She holds a bachelor of music from Brigham Young University and a master of business administration from Western Governors University. Elisa uses her vast and diverse skillset to help nonprofits, businesses, and music educators around the world. She serves as conductor of her local community band, a columnist for SBO Magazine, and maintains a private lesson studio. Elisa is a nationally-recognized speaker, the host and producer of the Music Ed Mentor Podcast, founder of the International Music Education Summit, and author of The Music Educator’s Guide to Thrive.

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