Music Ed Mentor Podcast #56: Getting Funding – Award Application Tips

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #56: Getting Funding – Award Application Tips

Years ago I did some survey work to discover the biggest cause of stress in the lives of music educators. The answer? Funding. So I went to work finding more ways to get funding for music programs that didn’t require selling anything. 

I could take this moment to recount for you my personal experiences selling frozen goods, window clings, and candy bars from a box I carried around at school, but I’ll spare you. What I will tell you is that there are plenty of more passive – and more lucrative – ways to get funding for your program. 

For example, if you’re doing something in your program that no one else is doing, you can apply for an award from the Give a Note Foundation. Recipients not only receive funding, their programs also receive recognition. So let’s figure out how to submit a winning application, right? 

Joining us in this award application discussion is my friend Juliana Lee, who actually designed the award application for Give a Note. Juliana shares ideas on what makes a winning application, common mistakes to avoid, and what winners have to do to make sure they fulfill the terms of the grant. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Awards are a great way to get funding for your program.
  • If you’re doing something other people aren’t, you can capitalize on it by applying for awards.
  • Not only does your program receive the award funding, it gets recognition, too. 

Bonus Material

This week we’re including a huge bonus piece of content. You get access to the full recording of one of my most popular workshops; Funding Without Fundraising. I’ve presented this extremely practical clinic to several audiences on a global scale now, and if you haven’t been able to catch it, this is your chance. You’ll learn some of the secret opportunities available to you to get money for your program without selling anything, or buying anything. It’s all about setting things up and letting the money roll in. 

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