Music Ed Mentor Podcast #050: Coding and Music

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #050: Coding and Music

Today’s episode is a bit off-brand. While I typically stick to non-pedagogical topics – like fundraising, personal development, and classroom management – today’s guest, and her passion for sharing coding and music with students, is just amazing.

Shawna Longo teaches grades 6-8 general music and serves as a STEAM facilitator in New Jersey. She’s been awarded the 2018 “Master Music Teacher” award from NJMEA, the 2019 New Jersey Governor’s Award in Arts Education for Music, and the 2019 “Mike Kovins TI:ME Teacher of the Year” award.

I’ll be real honest with you – integrating classroom technology has never been of massive interest to me, but after hearing Shawna share some of what she’s doing, it totally makes sense. While creating samples using a Makey Makey plugged into a carrot might not totally be my personal thing, it might be THE thing for students. Tech is becoming second-nature to our kiddos, so we can fight it or we can embrace it. Shawna provides a perfect example of how to embrace it with great success.

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Key Takeaways

  • Use the STEAM Process: Investigate, Discover, Connect, Create, Reflect
  • It’s all about Intention!
    • Intentionally select standards from both content areas
    • Purposefully teach both of those standards throughout the lesson/unit
    • Deliberately assess both content areas through the naturally-aligned standards

Additional Resources

Elisa Janson Jones

Elisa Janson Jones specializes in helping music educators build, manage, and grow thriving school music programs. With an MBA alongside her degree in music, she is also a coach and consultant to small businesses and nonprofits around the country, and serves as the conductor of her local community band. She has been teaching music for nearly 20 years and currently holds the prestigious position of elementary music teacher at a private K-8 Catholic School in Grand Junction, Colorado. Elisa is a frequent conference presenter, podcast guest, and contributor to music education magazines. She is the founder of the International Music Education Summit and the author of The Music Educator’s Guide to Thrive

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