Music Ed Mentor Podcast #044: As a Woman in Music Education

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #044: As a Woman in Music Education

Today we are continuing our celebration of Women’s History Month. My guest is Adriana Linares, a professional violist, music educator, entrepreneur, and mother. A member of the incredible Dalí String Quartet (pictured above), she’s also one of the most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever met.

In today’s podcast, Adriana and I discuss life as a woman in music education. We handle tough questions, like:

  • Why do we feel like we need to wear so many hats, and collect so many titles?
  • What motivates us to be over-achievers?
  • Do we feel like we have to work harder to be regarded as legitimate?
  • How often are we marginalized?

One of the takeaways of our conversation is that we cannot control others or the way they see us, judge us, or marginalize us. All we can control is our own reaction. We can choose to just be our own awesome selves, head down, working at the things we love, or we can choose to feel marginalized and act as such. As for me, I’ll take the former – just like Adriana.

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Key Takeaways

  • When in doubt, wait it out!
  • Sleep well. Eat healthy. Power walk. Practice empathy.
  • When you have free time, take it for real. When it’s free, it’s free – rest when you can rest.

Inspirational Quotes

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Additional Resources

Elisa Janson Jones

Elisa Janson Jones specializes in helping music educators build, grow, and manage thriving school music programs. With an MBA alongside her degree in music, she is also a coach and consultant to small businesses and nonprofits around the country, and serves as the conductor of her local community band. She has been teaching music for nearly 20 years and currently holds the prestigious position of elementary music teacher at a private K-8 Catholic School in Grand Junction, Colorado. Elisa was a top presenter at the NAfME National Conference in 2017 and will be presenting at state conferences in 2018. She is the founder of the International Music Education Summit and the author of The Music Educator’s Guide to Thrive.

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