Music Ed Mentor Podcast #031: Entrepreneurship and Second Careers

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #031: Entrepreneurship and Second Careers

In our previous podcast, April Vargo and I talked about side hustles: ways to make additional income outside of your regular job. In this episode April and I will continue the discussion, talking about side-hustles that could even become a second, or follow-up career to teaching in the classroom. We even discuss the possibility of leaving music education for a different music-related career. Maybe you just want to have a regular job, or something with less-regulated hours. How can you even get started?

Whether you’re part-time, full-time, all-the-time, or “about to be done with this teaching thing” time, there’s something in this episode for you.

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In This Episode, We Talk About…

  • Teaching private lessons – in person and online
  • Ideas for Entrepreneurship
  • How can I stay in music-related work?
  • Tips for Success

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Take Aways

  • Always charge what you’re worth
  • There are plenty of side-gigs out there you can do in addition to teaching music
  • If you’re going to start your own thing, be strategic and legal about it.

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