Music Ed Mentor Podcast #030: The Side Hustle

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #030: The Side Hustle

In talking about our previous podcast we defined life hacks. This week we define the side hustle, which refers to a way to make money in your spare time, doing something other than your regular job.

To help, I bring on one of my favorite presenters, music educators, and fellow side hustle entrepreneurs, April Vargo.

Together we share some of the top ways that music educators are taking on a little side hustle for some side cash. As a bonus, we also talk about side hustles that could become a second career or a follow-up career following teaching in the classroom.

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In This Episode, We Share…

  • Ways to turn your hobby into a side hustle
  • Entrepreneur opportunities
  • Freelance Ideas
  • Tips for Success

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Key Takeaways

The best side hustles are fun.

“…it should be fun. It should be something that you enjoy doing. A lot of people I personally know have taken their hobbies — something that they just do in their free time for fun — and they’ve turned it into a side hustle — and something sometimes that’s incredibly lucrative…”

Find something that other people are into right now, and capitalize on it.

“Goat yoga. Really? Yoga is a great example of a passion that people have really capitalized on. You build your own crew, it’s something that works out your body and mind, and it’s this holistic approach to wellness. Turning it into something that’s fun and creative — you can create a niche.”

Passive income may be a great way for you to go. Work hard now, make money later.

“…you can create something now, that you don’t have to babysit. Where you’re not trading time for money, you’re trading product for money… …your recorded classes, books, teachers pay teachers…”

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