Music Ed Mentor Podcast #91: Pandemic Impacts and Social Emotional Learning

mem 91 pandemic impacts

This episode is focused on some of the after-effects of this last pandemic year in teaching, and what we can do next to ensure that we come back strong when we get our students back in the classroom—whenever that happens to be.

My guest today is my dear friend Dr. Scott Edgar, Associate Professor of Music, Music Education Chair, and Director of Bands at Lake Forest College, Illinois, and author of Music Education and Social Emotional Learning: The Heart of Teaching Music. Through our discussion, you will find answers to so many questions you may have as we make our return to the classroom. What has separated the survivors from the thrivers in music education this year? How can we support our students this fall after they’ve experienced trauma? How can we amplify what our students need and want to say, and why is that important? How do we balance empathy and understanding with the rigor that we need in our classrooms?

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Topics Covered:

  • Understanding your educational environment in a new, unique way.
  • Guiding students from trauma to trust.
  • Connecting repertoire to your students’ lives.
  • Determining what’s okay to discuss in the classroom, and what’s not.
  • Letting music support emotional learning.

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