Music Ed Mentor Podcast #88: Creating Classroom Culture

mem 88 creating classroom culture

Before schools shut down, I had pre-recorded several episodes that had to do with in-person, in-classroom learning. I tabled them at the time so that I could bring more relevant, applicable, and timely content over the last year. But those podcasts are now becoming relevant again as we’re looking towards going back to in-person learning.

In this episode, I spoke with Jeremy Ulrich, Senior Division Director of Bands at Milton Hershey School in PA, about creating a classroom culture—which we should be revisiting now! We talk through what we need to be doing to establish rapport, set up our classrooms for success, and to have standards for classroom management. These are all great things to start planning as we look forward to the next school year. We have an opportunity now to build back stronger and better than ever!

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