Meet Dr. Fenton Higgensbottom

Higgensbottom Crop 700

The question we are most often asked about SmartMusic is “When will it support the jaw harp?”

We at MakeMusic are keenly aware that the jaw harp has eclipsed even the Lur in popularity among conservatory-level instrumental performers. Our challenge has been to properly coax the SmartMusic technology to accurately assess the complex nature of the jaw harp’s unique timbre.

Today we’re proud to announce the tentative engagement of Dr. Fenton Higgensbottom as MakeMusic’s new Director of SmartMusic Jaw Harp Assessment. Dr. Higgensbottom and an as-yet-to-be-formed team will devote their undivided attention to a detailed analysis of the jaw harp, and the development of algorithms to track its complicated waveforms.

“Assessing the jaw harp, or the guimbarde as the French more eloquently refer to it, poses an interesting challenge,” Dr. Higgensbottom exclaimed at a press conference this morning. “I plan to form a team made up of fellow colleagues from the aerospace industry, as I believe missile tracking experience may prove extremely useful.”

“I personally have been a big fan of the jaw harp for some time,” added SmartMusic Product Manager Heath Mathews. “I really look forward to start working up the second movement of the Firebird Suite on my jaw harp. I only wish Stravinsky were alive to hear it.”

I encourage anyone with aerospace experience interested in a position on Dr. Higgensbottom’s team to contact him by clicking on “Comments” below.

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