iPad 1.3 Update Details

The SmartMusic development team has been hard at work to bring as much functionality to the iPad application as possible. The 1.3 update to SmartMusic now allows all music found in SmartMusic’s built-in repertoire library to be submitted as assignments from the iPad. Imported file types such as SMPs and MP3s will still need to be submitted from a desktop or laptop, as well as response and rubric assignments. Here are some screenshots and a full list of the added repertoire and features:

Solo content without music on screen (7000+ titles) is now available on iPad

Assignments using solo content without music on screen are now supported on iPad. Here’s a look at the interface. A tap up and down on the numbers will change the starting and ending points.

Solo without music on screen interface
The published key can be modified in the drop down.

Transposition Menu

Sight-reading and sight-singing content now hides notation until a take
has started

Assignments using sight-reading or sight-singing content are now supported on iPad. Here are a couple screen shots from 90 days to sight reading success.

Sight Reading instruction screen

The study screen shows the count down above the notation, just as it appears in the desktop version. After 1 take the assignment is automatically submitted.

Study Screen

Relative tempo (%) has been replaced with beats per minute (BPM) throughout

Also, notice the Follow Me button. This toggles the Follow Me feature on or off in repertoire that allows this setting.

BPM:Follow Me


While listening to a take, the recording and accompaniment can be adjusted
for balance

Playback Slider


Music with notation on screen is now indicated by a badge in the Catalog and On This iPad views

This makes it easier to find the content that is right for you. As seen below, the badge is a green circle with a staff inside.

notation on screen icon


Here is a list of other improvements found in the new application:

  • Play-by-ear exercise assignments no longer show previous attempts when quitting without submitting
  • It is now more obvious in which measure and beat an assignment begins
  • New assignment screenshots sent from Retina® display iPads will properly display when teachers grade submissions
  • Play-by-ear exercise assignments no longer show previous attempts when quitting without submitting
  • Practice room subscriptions can now be pinned to an iPad with greater flexibility
  • Filters have been updated to more clearly indicate when they are actively hiding content

These improvements will be a welcome addition to our subscribers’ iPads. Sight reading/sight singing and music without notation on screen have been a request by many customers since the iPad version of SmartMusic was introduced, and we are happy to bring it to you.

Let us know what you think of these new features by leaving a comment below.

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