International Music Education Summit and Virtual Honor Ensembles

International Music Education Summit and Virtual Honor Ensembles

We all understand the value of professional development.

We all want to improve at what we do. And we want to be inspired. MEA conferences are great for this, but attending them is not always possible. The cost of transportation and hotels, plus the time away from our families, can often put them out of reach.

The 2019 International Music Education Summit

The International Music Education Summit is the premier 3-day online conference for music educators from around the world. Launched in 2018, the summit was created to provide an option for you to get your professional development in your bathrobe, through virtual attendance. Included are practical sessions for music educators taught by some of today’s thought leaders in music education. Not only is this an awesome opportunity to grow, it’s also super affordable, and knocking out PD credits over the summer is always a bonus.

This year’s summit happens June 13-15, and will feature more than 40 world-class clinicians. Use promo code SMARTMUSIC and save $20 when you register.

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In addition to providing you with new ideas, resources, and energy, the 2019 summit now offers your students a unique opportunity; introducing Virtual Honor Ensembles.

New for 2019: IMES Virtual Honor Ensembles

These collaborative ensembles are created by combining recorded performances submitted by select students from across North America.

In other words: it’s a completely new way for students to engage in performance. It’s an opportunity for students to challenge themselves in a new format — beyond the stage — that requires the development of modern music skills: rehearsing, auditioning, recording, and collaborating.

Throughout the process — from auditioning to recording final recordings — SmartMusic will be used at no expense to anyone.

Please encourage your middle and high school students (aged 13 and up) to audition for the concert band or string orchestra; every selected student will be invited to join a private Facebook group where they will be able to network with their peers and be treated to live streamed clinics by professional conductors and musicians from around the world. The pieces they collaborate on will be featured in a special live streamed performance at the 2019 International Music Education Summit.

Auditions are being accepted today and must be received before midnight on Friday, March 15.

Learn more about Virtual Honor Ensembles

We hope and your students will consider joining us for the International Music Education Summit this summer — without leaving the comfort of your homes!

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