Instrument-Specific Beginning Band Tips

Instrument-Specific Beginning Band Tips

Beginning band directors face the impossible expectation of being an expert on every instrument. Sometimes, keeping a fingering cheat-sheet hidden on your stand gets you through the day. But what about a different kind of cheat-sheet? Something with help for an oboe embouchure, a flute finger technique, or a French horn hand position? Those techniques are even more important than fingerings and are even tougher to remember from the college methods class you might have slept through.

We created an e-book of instrument-specific beginning band tips for exactly these types of situations. Written by music educators across the country, these tips were compiled to help you ensure that your students get started right.

Maybe you’re confident on everything but bassoon. With sections of flute, single reeds, double reeds, high brass, low brass, and percussion, there’s something here for you AND the educator/bassoonist who doesn’t know a rotary valve from a spit valve.

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