Incorporating Methods in Your Lesson Planning: Free Lesson Plan

Incorporating Methods in Your Lesson Planning: Free Lesson Plan

Young instrumentalists spend lots of time with their method books. How do you make sure that these books are addressing state standards, keeping students engaged, and helping them progress? You include your method in your lesson plan.

We’ve created a free lesson plan for you to use in SmartMusic with your students. In order to provide specific examples, this plan references Tradition of Excellence by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin. If this is your chosen method, perfect. If not, you can easily edit the plan to leverage similar content in your method book. And the good news is that SmartMusic now supports nearly 100 different methods.

Specifically, the lesson plan addresses learning always-tricky dotted rhythms.

The plan also includes:

  • NAfME core standards that tie to the lesson
  • A description of the in-class activities and the at-home work students will complete in SmartMusic
  • Tips for integrating SmartMusic when teaching dotted rhythms
  • Differentiated instruction for both more advanced and less advanced students

get the lesson plan

Not using SmartMusic yet? You can still leverage the free lesson plan. Simply edit it to use the resources you have on hand. Then, when you have a spare moment, check out the new SmartMusic – for free. Although the free version of SmartMusic does not include Tradition of Excellence, mention this blog post and you’ll be able to access it (along with all the other great SmartMusic content) for 30 days.

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