Important Internet Info for Contest Season


With contest season upon us, it’s a good time to revisit  SmartMusic’s new repertoire leasing model.

SmartMusic is an application that requires internet access for all features to function properly. This can be problematic in certain performance settings (such as solo and ensemble contest) because they don’t always have a reliable internet connection. As a result, SmartMusic implemented a repertoire leasing model last fall that satisfies this need.

Finding music, receiving and submitting assignments, and downloading repertoire all require a connection to the internet. However, once a piece is downloaded to My Library It is available to use for 48 hours after your last login. If you are unsure about internet availability at your contest venue,  here’s what we suggest:

  1. Get a list of all accompaniments that will be used by your students
  2. The morning of contest, download and open all pieces while connected to the internet
  3. Unplug the ethernet cable and turn off your wifi connection. This will stop your device from searching for internet at the performance venue. 
  4. Test that the pieces are opening properly in My Library or On Your iPad
  5. You may close the application, but do not log-out
  6. Bring an extra audio cable (just in case)
  7. Enjoy your students’ performances!

If you follow these steps, your students pieces will be found in My Library or On Your iPad even if the performance venue doesn’t offer an internet connection.

Additional details can be found in the user manual under the topic Use SmartMusic Offline.

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