ICYMI: Introducing the Compose YOURSELF! Series

compose yourself

In case you missed it, we recently rolled out a brand new educational series for teachers and students to utilize during remote instruction and beyond. This new series is called Compose YOURSELF! and features ready-made composition lessons and assignments for your students featuring your favorite composers. Each lesson includes listening assignments, a video with the composer, and a composition assignment. The video and accompanying PDFs will be provided for you to share with your students.

Lessons are added weekly at smartmusic.com/compose-yourself and are free to access, with each focusing on a different aspect of the composition process. These lessons are perfect for the remote learning environment, but can also be used in a classroom setting or assigned as homework or extra credit any time of the year.

Lesson 1: Rhythm & Meter with Chris Bernotas

Explore how different time signatures and rhythms can influence composing a new piece of music. Learn some of the concepts used in Pony Express, Ablaze and Festival Fanfare and March, then work on creating your own music!

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Lesson 2: Some Notes on Melody with Vince Gassi

Your students will learn about melody construction through guided listening examples and a composition assignment. Both you and your students will fall in love with this great resource!

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Lesson 3: Style & Articulation with Katie O’Hara LaBrie

Using Sky Suite as a guide, your students will learn the art of arranging with the use of different articulations and styles on a traditional folk song.

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Coming Soon: 

  • Lesson 4: Scales & Modes with Dr. Scott Watson – Available on 5/15
  • Lesson 5: Phrasing & Balance with Mike Kamuf – Available on 5/22
  • Lesson 6: Arranging with Jim Palmer – Available on 5/29

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