Free SmartMusic Microphones?

You may have recently seen a promo code offer for a free SmartMusic microphone. We would like to take this opportunity clear up any confusion regarding the offer, explain its purpose, and why certain microphone orders have been cancelled.

This offer, which was launched over a year ago, was specifically directed to music educators that are new to SmartMusic, and interested in taking online clinics to learn how to use the software and adopt SmartMusic in their music education programs at their schools.

We appreciate music teachers taking time from their busy schedules to attend our online clinics, and have happily fulfilled our promise for free software and microphones to educators.

Unfortunately the promo code intended only for educators that attended our clinics and use our software, was recently distributed on several “get free stuff ” sites. These websites offered this educator code to the general public without our knowledge, and without giving the proper requirements for receiving the offer.

We did not intend for this promo code to be so widely distributed, nor was this a part of our marketing strategy. Any of the information obtained from individuals who did not meet the promo requirements will not be used for any purpose in the future.

MakeMusic’s mission is to transform how music is composed, taught, learned and performed. We pride ourselves on serving the music educator’s technology needs.

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