Frank Ticheli Music Now in SmartMusic

Frank Ticheli Music Now in SmartMusic

Back in February MakeMusic announced a new partnership with Manhattan Beach Music, publishers of the music of Timothy Broege, Bob Margolis, Michael Markowski, Steve Rouse, Frank Ticheli, and many other fine concert band composers and arrangers.

Today we’re excited to announce that the first batch of Manhattan Beach titles is now available in SmartMusic. Specifically, we’ve released Six pieces by Frank Ticheli, all of which appear on numerous state contest lists:

Abracadabra – written in honor of Ticheli’s “wonderfully playful, sometimes mischievous young son.”

Amazing Grace this powerful take on the reformed slave ship captain’s song of redemption is a grade 3 piece – very accessible for young bands – that also introduces some more advanced musical concepts.

An American Elegy – composed in memory of those who lost their lives at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, and to honor the survivors.

Joy – written alongside “Joy Revisited” (to be released later). Both use the same general melodic and harmonic ideas. “Joy” is a little more straightforward and geared towards younger players, whereas “Joy Revisited” expands on melodic ideas and has more complex harmonies and is geared towards advanced players. Ticheli refers to them as “un-identical twins, two sides of the same coin.”

Portrait of a Clown – often praised for not relying heavily on having low brass and low woodwinds, this score is great for young band programs that might not have enough players on those instruments.

Shenandoah – Frank’s beautiful setting of the popular folk song.

“I am very pleased that my music is coming to SmartMusic,” said Frank Ticheli. “So many more musicians will get to see, learn, and experience my music on a deeper, more profound level. SmartMusic is an essential part of music education at so many schools. I am happy to report that we are working together to release virtually all titles of my concert band repertoire on SmartMusic.”

As Frank points out, this is just the beginning of our partnership; we have many more titles coming soon.

We hope you check out this music in SmartMusic today. Please let us know what you think on  Facebook or Twitter.

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