Framing the Lesson: Improving Intonation Using Singing

Framing the Lesson: improving Intonation Using Singing

Helping each student develop a sense of relative pitch can dramatically improve your ensemble’s intonation. One common technique to help instrumentalists internalize relative pitch is to have them sing. Incorporating singing into your rehearsal is a great technique, but students shouldn’t lose sight of the final learning goal: to improve their intonation.

Framing this learning goal in the course of your lessonand including that frame in your lesson plancan help students understand how singing relates to their skills on their instrument.

We’ve built a free lesson plan you can use with SmartMusic TEACH that gets kids singing in rehearsal AND highlights some best practices for framing the lesson.

The Singing Plan Includes:

  • Nationally-approved standards that tie directly to the lesson activities.
  • Activities that have students sing with partners and as an ensemble.
  • Sequencing that helps students translate their singing to instrumental performance.
  • Space for you to customize the plan, including room for you to add your concert repertoire.
  • Best practices for framing the lesson, including an introductory activity, exit slip prompt, and use of a “learning board.”

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We’ve also suggested creating a homework assignment in SmartMusic. You may wish to create a custom rubric to accompany the assignment. Here’s how to build a custom rubric.

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