Featured Content: The Otamatone Note Ninja Songbook

Featured Content: "The Otamatone Note Ninja Songbook"

The Otamatone Note Ninja Songbook is a brand-new beginning Otamatone method, available exclusively in SmartMusic. If you’re new to the world of the Otamatone, the video below offers a brief introduction (by Otama the Tone himself) and a performance of one of the pieces in the book. Check out the rocking accompaniment! 

Download the Book

A printable PDF of the entire method book can be downloaded for free:

Download the Otamatone Note Ninja Songbook

Available to Everyone

As you likely know, new SmartMusic includes an “Essential Content” library that is available to everyone, even students using SmartMusic for free. Not only is the Otamatone Note Ninja Songbook included in this free library, it’s also been made available to those who haven’t yet signed up for SmartMusic for free. Simply click on this link to find yourself using the Otamatone method in new SmartMusic.


If you share the songbook with folks who haven’t used new SmartMusic before, you might also forward these tips for playing and practicing with SmartMusic.

Try the new SmartMusic for free!

No Otamatones?

If you (or your students) don’t have access to Otamatones, don’t despair; the method works well with recorders, too. We hope your month is off to a good start!

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