Featured Content: Frank Ticheli’s “Earth Song”

Featured Content: Frank Ticheli’s “Earth Song”

This month we added several holiday tunes to the SmartMusic library, but that’s not all. We also added several pieces with absolutely no tie to the season. See the full list. One such title is Frank Ticheli’s Earth Song, a truly beautiful piece for beginning concert band.

Click the play button below to hear a recording of EarthSong and click on the cover to follow along in the score.

Want to learn about the creation of Earth Song? We’ve included some details from Mr. Ticheli below the score.

Link to MP3 file Fortress:

Composition Notes

Earth Song for concert band is the grandchild of Santuary for concert band. Almost as soon as I completed Sanctuary, I became intrigued by the idea of making a choral version of at least part of the work.

Within the same year, I realized this goal, inventing a poem that reflected the music’s poignant lyricism, fitting the rhythmic stresses and melodic contour of Sanctuary’s melody. Thus, Earth Song for chorus came to be.

Six years after composing Sanctuary, in 2012, I received an email from Frank Troyka, director of bands at Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas, inquiring if I might consider making a concert band version of Earth Song for one of his colleagues.

The irony of his request was not lost on either of us, but we both agreed that, in a sense, this full circle back to the music’s concert band origins would allow me to create a grandchild possessing the genetic strengths of both its ancestors: the rich textured lyricism and more concise nature of its choral forebear, combined with the wider color palette and expressive power of its concert band forebear.

Thus, Earth Song for concert band was born: a more concise (and less technically demanding) descendant of Sanctuary.” – Frank Ticheli

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