Feature Friday: SmartMusic Gradebook and Inbox App


The SmartMusic Gradebook and Inbox App can help you easily guide, evaluate and track student progress. Imagine being able to have immediate access to recordings and assessments completed in SmartMusic, for all students. Here are some of the ways you can use the SmartMusic Gradebook:

  • Give students individualized feedback of their progress.
  • Evaluate progress using a grading scale or rubrics.
  • Have documentation (data) that you can easily share with students, parents and administration.

To learn more about the SmartMusic Gradebook, including creating classes and assignments, enrolling students, and more, click here.

Let’s take a tour after a class has been set up.

First, select a SmartMusic class.

Picture 1

The Class Page appears.
Click on GRADEBOOK in the top left of the window.

Picture 2

To grade or review an assignment, click on a score or green speaker icon.

  • The class Gradebook window opens.
  • You can see at a glance if assignments have been submitted or even if they are late!

Picture 3 edited

Reviewing an assignment

After clicking on a submitted assignment, the Submission Details window displays the amount of time the student spent, a graphic with red and green note assessment, and the student’s recording!

Picture 8 edited circled

You can:

  • Listen to the recording.

  • Change the “red and green” note score.

  • Make individualized comments to the student.

  • Email parents directly with the assessment and recording. (Optional)

  • Reassign the assignment to the student.

Print or export any of the information in your Gradebook

  • Select Print and Export from a Class page.
  • Printing options include the entire Gradebook or individualized Progress Reports.
  • Data exports can be a tab delimited text file (.txt), Microsoft Excel (.xls) or a Comma delimited text file (.csv).

Picture 11

Picture 13

Use the SmartMusic Inbox app to review student assignments!

The SmartMusic Inbox app allows you to review student assessments and recordings anywhere, anytime using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  All you need to do is log in with your educator subscription information.The app is a free download from the App Store.

iPad Inbox

The SmartMusic Gradebook is so much more than a regular gradebook.

Other Gradebook features not covered in this post allow you to:

  • Organize and share curriculum with colleagues instantly.
  • Create units of study that remain available to be used again.
  • Create assignments that require students to respond with text and/or by attaching a digital file, including text documents.
  • Link state standards to assignments.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on how you can easily share your Gradebook data by using the export feature and creating reports with charts in Excel.

For step-by-step information to get started with SmartMusic, check out our fantastic Implement SmartMusic resource.

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