Feature Friday: Response Assignments

Response Assignments are a great way to send and receive many different resources to your students. If you are not familiar with how Response Assignments work, watch this 1:45 tutorial video:


Response Assignments can eliminate printing paper permission slips, surveys, quizzes, or burning cd’s for music listening and analysis. Use this feature to streamline as many communications with your students or parents as possible, while keeping track of this information in your secure Gradebook. It’s impossible for your students to lose these important documents and files, because they are stored in the cloud.

All of the standard assignment options are available, such as: grading style, due date, reminder email, classes, and students. Response Assignments also provide the ability to require an attachment with the student’s response. This is a nice reminder that helps eliminate forgetfulness when students are submitting a Response Assignment. It is also important to note that students must complete Response Assignments from a laptop or desktop computer, as it is the only assignment type not supported on iPad.

Try assigning a piece or two to your students every week for music listening, and holding contests designated days of the month. I happen to know a blog series that could give you some suggestions.

If you regularly use Response Assignments, I’d like to hear from you. How have they helped you and your students?

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