Feature Friday: Pinned Practice Rooms

FeatureFriday_Pinned Practice Rooms

When implementing SmartMusic in your program, many directors start by offering the tool to their students at a parent night or by absorbing the cost in the “band fee”. The most successful SmartMusic educators have seen a drastic improvement in student skills when the majority of their students have it in their home. However, there may be a year or two before it is fully adopted with all your students. In this case, students that do not yet have SmartMusic at home can use a practice room computer at school.

A feature unique to the latest version of SmartMusic is the ability to pin and unpin a practice room subscription to a school computer or iPad. This allows teachers a greater level of flexibility with their subscriptions as equipment is upgraded, or when waiting for IT support. Here is a quick video on how to pin and unpin a practice room subscription:


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