Feature Friday: Managing SmartMusic Gradebook


In today’s Feature Friday, you will learn how teachers are creatively managing SmartMusic Gradebook by creating classes that streamline assignment creation, grading and documentation options.

Imagine a music program where students know what they need to work on and how they are progressing. Now imagine that you are the director of this program and besides knowing how every student is doing, you can also share that information instantly. Directors using SmartMusic assignments don’t have to imagine this; this is their new way of teaching music.

Creating SmartMusic classes in Gradebook that fit your teaching situation make it easy to send specific assignments to large groups, sectionals or specialty classes. Let’s take a look at three of the most common SmartMusic class types and assignments for each.

Common SmartMusic Classes

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Common assignments for Large Groups (Band & Orchestra)

  • Pre-defined assignments for all large group content
  • Create custom assignments to target specific music problems
  • Schedule technique assignments that help students learn concert material

 Common assignments for sectionals and small groups

  • Specific instrument lesson material
  • Custom assignments for full band literature
  • Auditions and chair placement materials
  • Solos, ensembles, etc.

Common assignments for specialty classes

  • Scales and etudes (automated assignments)
  • Required skills to audition for band, orchestra and choir
  • Makeup work
  • All State and Honor Group materials
  • Sight-reading and sight-singing materials

Are you setting up a SmartMusic class for the first time or would you like a quick step-by-step review?
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SmartMusic Grading Scales

In addition to customizing your SmartMusic class format, you can choose or create a specific grading scale for each class. A-B-C grading, pass/fail or 4-3-2-1, etc. are common.

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Learn more here: Create, edit or delete a Grading Scale

Create a Grading Calendar

Another way to manage your Gradebook is to customize your grading calendar for your classes. Each class can have its own unique calendar.

SmartMusic Gradebook Calendar Types:

  • Quarter
  • Semester
  • Full Year
  • Trimester
  • 6 Weeks
  • 9 Weeks
  • Custom
  • Summer Session

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Learn more here: Create, edit or delete a Grading Calendar


By managing SmartMusic Gradebook and setting up your classes, grading scales and calendars to fit your music program, you will have an efficient way to help your students learn their music as you provide individualized instruction and feedback.  You can instantly document student progress for large groups, small groups or specialty classes because of the way you have set up your classes.

For more information on SmartMusic basics, setting up a pilot program, implementing SmartMusic into your program and using classroom activities with your students, just follow this link: SmartMusic.com/implement.

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