Using Differentiated Instruction with Free Tech Tools

Using Differentiated Instruction with Free Tech Tools

Do you need a lesson plan that illustrates how you’re using differentiated instruction in your classroom? We’ve created a free lesson plan you can use with SmartMusic’s free version.

This plan, created with a young band in mind, leverages Brian Balmages’ Falcon Fanfare to work on dynamics. The lesson plan includes in-class activities and specific assignments that use differentiated instruction techniques. It also provides suggestions for creating an assessment rubric.

This Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan Includes:

  • A customizable plan with space for you to fill in your own state standards.
  • Sequenced activities that include a warm up, pair activities, and rehearsal time to work on a section of Falcon Fanfare.
  • Clearly explained differentiated instruction strategies, including scaffolding, compacting, and student choice.
  • Activities that promote differentiated instruction to reach lower-level students and more advanced players in the same ensemble.

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One step that isn’t explicitly covered in the plan is the act of building a custom rubric to make sure you can assess your students. Here’s how to create a custom rubric in SmartMusic.

While these activities offer ways to use differentiated instruction in your classroom, SmartMusic also offers you a way to give every student practice feedback – the ultimate in differentiated instruction. The assignments detailed in this lesson plan will get your students using technology and improve their practice habits as well.

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