December Repertoire Update Featuring the Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method

December Repertoire Update Featuring the Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method

This month we’ve added a three-volume trumpet method, 52 ensemble titles, and more than a thousand solo titles to the SmartMusic repertoire library. While the specific details appear below, let’s begin with this month’s featured repertoire, a highly-requested method.

The Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method

Expertly written by the renowned trumpet virtuoso, The Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Method is a comprehensive trumpet method that provides a broad assortment of intermediate to advanced-level exercises and etudes in all keys.  The method is organized into three volumes: Book 1, Technical Studies; Book 2, Harmonic Studies, and Book 3, Melodic Studies. All three are now available in SmartMusic.

“Ever since they were released, these books have been an integral part of my studio,” said MakeMusic’s own Mark Adler. “They’re a great introduction to the techniques, rhythms, and harmonies found in contemporary music. Plus students really enjoy them; they love the musicality, and they’re fun to play.”

Mark was kind enough to come into the MakeMusic studio and record an excerpt of Rhythmic Etude #6, from Book 3, to give you a sense of the musicality he’s talking about.

New Ensemble Titles

This month we’ve also added 33 new large ensemble titles to both new and classic SmartMusic, plus an additional 19 large ensemble titles exclusive to new SmartMusic. Included are pieces for choir, concert band, string orchestra, full orchestra, and jazz ensemble. See all the titles here.

New Solo Titles

Since October we’ve added 1,042 solos exclusively to new SmartMusic. This includes every solo in the following solo collections from Alfred Music:

  • Easy Christmas Instrumental Solos
  • Easy Rock Instrumental Solos
  • Easy Popular Movie Instrumental Solos
  • Top Praise and Worship Instrumental Solos

Note that each collection above is at the easy or medium-easy level, and is offered for 19 band and orchestra instruments.

Unequaled in its breadth and scope, the SmartMusic repertoire library continues to grow every month. Try SmartMusic for free and explore this amazing resource.

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