Customization and Sight Reading Builder

Customization and the Sight Reading Builder

Every educator using new SmartMusic now has access to Sight Reading Builder. With it they can quickly create an infinite number of sight-reading exercises that are customized for their students.

This customization comes in many forms. Teachers can control who the exercises are for, from individual instruments and voices to premade (and even custom) ensembles. They can also select from ten different difficulty levels, and Sight Reading Builder will automatically determine what key and time signatures, rhythms, ranges, articulations, etc, are appropriate for each level.

However, you may wish to take more control over the process, and Sight Reading Builder makes this easy, too.

Today’s short video offers a glimpse of two practical, everyday reasons you might want to take advantage of some of the Sight Reading Builder’s deeper customization options. You’ll learn how to incorporate difficult rhythms from your concert repertoire into your daily sight reading, and how to create rhythm-only exercises that highlight articulations (or whatever you wish). You’ll also see how easily both are accomplished.

Sight Reading Builder is built into the SmartMusic educator subscription. Try it for free!

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