Creating a SmartMusic Playlist

As I write this, SmartMusic includes more than 2,800 concert titles, and the number is continually growing. Having ready access to this music is a great resource. You can listen to any recording and select any part to check technical demands.

As you search for pieces that you would like to review further, however, you may find that you need some help keeping them all straight. I suggest creating a playlist.

A SmartMusic playlist is similar to an iTunes playlist where you can group songs from various albums together:  Any music that can be opened in SmartMusic can be added to any playlist.

You can create a playlist from any song once you’ve downloaded them through Find Music. Creating the playlist is easy – on the left navigation panel click “New Playlist” and name it. To add titles to the playlist, locate them in your “Recently Played” playlist or inside “My Library,” then drag them onto your new playlist.

That’s it! To learn more about playlists, go to SmartMusic’s Help menu, select “SmartMusic help,” and search for “playlist.”

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