Create and Edit Music with SmartMusic’s Notation Tool, Compose

Create and Edit Music with SmartMusic's Notation Tool, Compose

While SmartMusic includes an unrivaled online repertoire library, there may be times when you wish to augment this library with music you’ve created.

After all, you know what’s best for your students. Perhaps you’ve notated your own warm-ups, rhythm-reading charts, exercises, or other resources that you use year after year. Or maybe you’ve decided that now’s the time to begin creating your own, customized classroom resources.

Either way, SmartMusic’s built-in notation tool, Compose, can help. With Compose, music educators can both create their own notation from scratch as well as import music they’ve made previously. Plus Compose makes it easy to assign any content to students with full SmartMusic accompaniment.

Importing Existing Music with Compose

Compose lets you import both MusicXML and MIDI files from any notation software. This includes Finale of course, but also Sibelius, Dorico, Musescore, Noteflight, and hundreds of others. Plus, once the music has been imported into Compose, you can edit it any way you wish.

What’s more, now you can simply export a single score from your music software of choice – via MusicXML – and Compose will create the individual parts for your students and generate accompaniments using sounds from our Garritan sample library.

Want to learn more? You can read about importing music here, or watch this video offering a quick overview of Compose:

Creating and Editing Music with Compose

Compose also empowers you to create new music from scratch. Several templates are available to help you get started, and all of your creations play back with high-quality Garritan sounds.

You can enter notes using your mouse, computer keyboard, an on-screen keyboard, or using an external MIDI keyboard. When using a MIDI keyboard, you can create in step time, or capture a live performance (and choose to use custom quantization to improve your results).

A properties menu puts articulations and dynamics right at your fingertips, and makes editing your creations easy and intuitive. Any music you create or upload music is automatically stored in the cloud, easily accessed via SmartMusic’s Content Manager.

And of course, everything you produce, from a single line exercise to a full ensemble, can be assigned to your classes with one click.

If you’d like to see Compose’s features in more depth, check out this archived webinar video. Better yet, try Compose yourself – along with all that SmartMusic offers – with a free account.

Not only does new SmartMusic include Compose, it’s affordable, too. Get a quote.

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