Create and Edit Music Notation within the New SmartMusic

Create and Edit Music Notation within the New SmartMusic

When we launched the new SmartMusic in 2016, one of the first features we added was the ability to upload MusicXML files. This empowered teachers to assign any content they created.

At that time, it was only possible to import a set of parts but not the full score. This process was somewhat tedious for large ensembles, and the students were only able to hear the displayed part — not the full score as an accompaniment.

Today we’re excited to announce that the new SmartMusic now includes an online notation tool that allows educators to:

  • Import (and edit) MusicXML files
  • Create music notation, from scratch, within a web browser
  • Assign imported or created content to students with full SmartMusic accompaniment

Expanded MusicXML Importation

The new SmartMusic retains the flexibility that we’ve always offered in new SmartMusic: the ability to import MusicXML files from other notation software. This includes Finale of course, but also Sibelius, Dorico, Musescore, Noteflight, and many more.

However, now you can simply export a full score from your music software of choice then import one single file. SmartMusic will create parts for your students and will generate minus one accompaniments using sounds from our Garritan sample library.

Assigning or playing the file in SmartMusic is just one click away. Learn more about the process.

An Advanced Online Notation Tool

Throughout the development of the new SmartMusic, our goal is to take each element of SmartMusic to the next level. This includes the new Practice Analysis feature and the recently updated Units. Today we’ve brought the way content is uploaded to a whole new level, too.

You can now edit music you have uploaded via MusicXML with an online notation tool built into SmartMusic. This tool is accessible through your web browser so it can be used anywhere with your SmartMusic account. Though still in beta for the next few months, this new tool already offers an impressive set of notation features.

What’s more, you can also create new music from scratch. Everything you produce, from a single line exercise to a full ensemble, can be assigned to your classes with one click. Several templates are available to help you get started, and all your creations play back with our high-quality Garritan sounds.

Create and Edit Music Notation within the New SmartMusic 2

Editing your creations is easy and intuitive. A properties panel allows you to edit all clickable objects in the score. You can enter notes with a mouse, your computer keyboard, or with a MIDI keyboard. When using a MIDI keyboard, you can create in step time, or capture a live performance (and choose to use custom quantization to improve your results).

Try It for Yourself

We are eager to share this new functionality with you. If you’re already using the new SmartMusic, please give the new notation tool a try and let us know what you think. If you’re not using the new SmartMusic, try it out with a free account today.

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