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Last week, for the first time ever, we added choir repertoire to SmartMusic. In addition, a new Choir category was added to the “Find Music” section within SmartMusic to make these titles easily discoverable:

Find Music - Choir

Most of the choral pieces found in SmartMusic today are titles that are regularly at the top of state contests lists. One exception is Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu,” the Grammy-winning theme from the video game Civilization IV.

To be clear, this collection represents only the beginning of choral support in SmartMusic. Moving forward, additional choir titles will be part of our regular repertoire releases. Among the factors that determine what repertoire gets added next include the availability of materials from publishers, suggestions received through our beta program, and specific requests made here: /findmusic/request-a-new-title.

We’ve also added new choral functionality within SmartMusic. On select choral titles, you can use the Accompaniment menu to access additional accompaniment tracks (highlighted below):

Agnus Dei Accompaniment

Selecting each part allows you to change the balance of the recording, emphasizing a specific voice so students can more easily hear their part.

Keep in mind that this content is just part of what SmartMusic offers singers today. Within SmartMusic, choose “Find Music” to arrive at the “Browse By Category” page, where you can also find additional choral resources under:

  • Method Books
  • Exercises
  • Sight-Reading Exercises

Early response to the Choir beta has been very positive:

“I am beyond ecstatic that the choral content is now LIVE on SmartMusic!”
– Laura Vaughn, college instructor, SmartMusic clinician, voice teacher

I hope you’re as excited as Laura and I am to finally have choral content in SmartMusic. If you’re headed to San Antonio for the Southwest Summer Music Exhibition, check out our session for vocalists on Saturday.

Otherwise, if you have any comments or questions about choral support in SmartMusic (or anything else), please let us know by clicking on “Comments” below.

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