SmartMusic Feature Friday: Create your own sight reading

Feature Friday_Create your own sight reading

This week’s SmartMusic Feature Friday post is about how you can create your own timed sight reading exercise. In addition to the 600+ graded sight reading exercises for instrumentalists and the several vocal methods that have the sight reading feature as part of it, any on-screen repertoire in SmartMusic can be made into a sight reading exercise. 

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Quick Search

SmartMusic Quick Search

Would you like a quick way to find Solos, Jazz, Band and  Orchestra titles or any music that is in the SmartMusic Library?  Today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday feature shows you how to use the SmartMusic Quick Search.  Just choose your category, genre or skill level and find your favorite music.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Zoom In and Out

Zoom in and out

In the SmartMusic Feature Friday post, we present tips and tricks that can help you use SmartMusic in the best ways possible!

On the desktop app, when a piece of repertoire is opened, the music is shown at a certain size on your screen. Perhaps you or a student would like the notation to be larger to make it easier to see.

Feature Friday: Vocal Series Part 1

FeatureFriday_Vocal Pt.1

Homework For Choir

Imagine having homework for your choir!  Every student can now develop their sight-reading skills and becoming independent singers with SmartMusic.  Watch the video below to see sight singing with SmartMusic.


Leigh Kallestad, MakeMusic Education Manager
Cynthia Gonzales, Texas State University


Feature Friday: Share your Score

FeatureFriday_Share your Score


In the era of social media, texting, and email, what better way to make a practice session relevant and motivating for your students than to include the ability to share a SmartMusic assessment score. Version 1.5 of the iPad application now includes this feature designed to give your students a competitive “nudge”, and to take pride in their achievements.

Feature Friday: Pinned Practice Rooms

FeatureFriday_Pinned Practice Rooms

When implementing SmartMusic in your program, many directors start by offering the tool to their students at a parent night or by absorbing the cost in the “band fee”. The most successful SmartMusic educators have seen a drastic improvement in student skills when the majority of their students have it in their home.

Feature Friday: Fingering Charts

FeatureFriday_Fingering Charts

The most powerful influence SmartMusic can have on your students is it’s ability to eliminate roadblocks during a practice session. This ability puts the pace of learning in the students hands, and creates a culture of accountability for home practice. In this blog series, we’ve already covered:

Metronome Digital Tuner Tempo Adjustment Accompaniment Practice Loops

If you missed an earlier Feature Friday post, click the links above to catch up.

Feature Friday: Practice Loops

FeatureFriday_Practice Loops


Students have varying methods of practice at home.

The biggest offenders that I’ve noticed with my students over the years include: playing too fast, focusing the majority of practice time on parts that they can already play well, or skipping difficult sections entirely. SmartMusic’s loop feature can eliminate these issues, and teach your students to practice efficiently.

Feature Friday: Response Assignments

Response Assignments are a great way to send and receive many different resources to your students. If you are not familiar with how Response Assignments work, watch this 1:45 tutorial video:


Response Assignments can eliminate printing paper permission slips, surveys, quizzes, or burning cd’s for music listening and analysis.