SmartMusic Feature Friday: Hide on-screen music!

Hide on-screen musicIn this week’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, I will show you how to hide on-screen music and still get an assessment! Why would you want to use this feature?

Perhaps to memorize:

Scales Marching band music Solos

This feature is unique because you can you hear the accompaniment as you memorize!

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Creating Units

FeatureFriday_BlogHeader_EditableIn today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn about creating units. Units can be created from any kind of repertoire and are a great way to organize, save and share your SmartMusic assignments. 

Units are a “bundled” group of assignments and are scheduled with the same set of instructions, grading points and due dates.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Setting Up Summer Classes

Setting Up Summer SmartMusic Classes

In today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn about setting up summer classes.

SmartMusic summer classes can be set up for beginner programs, lessons, marching band or even a “SmartMusic Pilot” class to practice scheduling assignments to students. By using the Re-enroll students option, students  can automatically be enrolled in your summer class from existing classes and you can add any enrolled student to any class for the next school year.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Practice Tools Shortcuts

Practice Tools Shortcuts

In today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn about the practice tools shortcuts that give you quick access to the tuner, metronome and virtual keyboard.

One of the great features of SmartMusic is the suite of common practice tools that help musicians improve their skills.

SmartMusic Tips to Plan Ahead

Voila_Capture 2014-06-05_02-05-46_PM

As an educator, you know that back to school time can be hectic and to plan ahead is a key to success.

Take advantage of these helpful hints and get started on that road to success with SmartMusic.

Did you know that next year’s calendar is already available?

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Create a Playlist

Feature Friday_How to Create a Playlist

This week’s SmartMusic Feature Friday post is about how to create a Playlist. You can group  various types of repertoire together in one place and have the titles ready to open without searching for them.  Any music that can be opened in SmartMusic can be added to a playlist.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Sight Singing Assignments

feature friday sight singing

This week’s SmartMusic Feature Friday post shows you how to create sight singing assignments. With just a few mouse clicks, you can assign SmartMusic’s sight singing method books or your own SmartMusic files made with Finale. Schedule sight singing for student practice or testing. It’s quick and easy!