Feature Friday: Develop More Confident Musicians

Develop Confident Musicians

As educators we know that some students eagerly embrace the idea of performing for a group while others would rather walk on fire. We all want our students to be comfortable and confident when performing individually within a group situation. Whether it is to play something in class or performing a solo, the more independent students can be, the more confident they are, which leads to stronger performances.

Feature Friday: Managing SmartMusic Gradebook


In today’s Feature Friday, you will learn how teachers are creatively managing SmartMusic Gradebook by creating classes that streamline assignment creation, grading and documentation options.

Imagine a music program where students know what they need to work on and how they are progressing. Now imagine that you are the director of this program and besides knowing how every student is doing, you can also share that information instantly.

Best Back-to-School Resources

Best Back to School Resources

School is back in session and we know you are busy. To help you get answers quickly to the most frequently asked questions at this time of year, we’ve compiled our best back-to-school resources for you in one place. Please visit our Educator Resources page that provides in depth information on many topics including:

How to Setup a Class

A class provides the platform that enables you to communicate with and teach your students using SmartMusic. 

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Creating MP3 Assignments


In today’s Feature Friday, you will learn the quickest way to add content to SmartMusic – creating MP3s! Once an MP3 is in your SmartMusic library, you can assign it to students for practice or evaluation purposes.

Here are some ways that teachers are using MP3s:

Take all or a portion of a large group recording and make an assignment.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Back to School Resources


We’ve been busy making sure that SmartMusic is ready for you and your students in the new school year. This week’s Feature Friday is filled with Back to School Resources to help you with a smooth start as you continue using SmartMusic in your program. Click the links to get more information.

Feature Friday: SmartMusic Gradebook and Inbox App


The SmartMusic Gradebook and Inbox App can help you easily guide, evaluate and track student progress. Imagine being able to have immediate access to recordings and assessments completed in SmartMusic, for all students. Here are some of the ways you can use the SmartMusic Gradebook:

Give students individualized feedback of their progress.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Classroom Activities

We have a new resource that contains many classroom activities that use SmartMusic’s audio and visual components. In addition to having students use SmartMusic as a practice tool at home, using it in the classroom can help engage students so that you can use the time you have to teach more efficiently.

Get ready for the new school year!


It’s time to get ready for the new school year—new classes, new faces—another opportunity to inspire students to make great music! Let’s make sure you’re ready.

Update SmartMusic

Get yourself and your students up to speed with the latest version of SmartMusic. Current versions check for updates automatically.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Import MP3 Files

FeatureFriday_BlogHeader_EditableIn today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn how to import MP3 files into SmartMusic. Once an MP3 is in your SmartMusic library, you can practice or assign the MP3. This feature tremendously expands the possibilities of using SmartMusic in your curriculum.

After an MP3 file is imported into SmartMusic, you can do the following:

Play it at various tempos without changing key Transpose to other keys Loop a selected region Create assignments to students with your required settings To import an MP3, click on the MP3 Audio Files menu on the left side of the SmartMusic screen.