SmartMusic Summer Workshop Schedule Announced

SmartMusic Summer Workshop

The new SmartMusic is here. It works on nearly any web-enabled devices (including Chromebooks and iPads), is more affordable, and offers a host of new features. It’s easy to use, and you can get started today.

That said, maybe you’d feel more confident going back to school this fall if you had some instruction using the new SmartMusic.

SmartMusic eLearning Courses Approved by the TEA

SmartMusic eLearning Courses Approved by the TEA

We’re pleased to announce that MakeMusic University’s SmartMusic eLearning Courses have been certified for continuing professional education (CPE) credits by the Texas Education Agency.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a music educator in Texas:

You can earn up to nine hours of CPE credit while you learn how to do more for your students.

Earn Clock Hours at MakeMusic University

MakeMusic University Need to earn some clock hours? We can help.

We’re excited to announce MakeMusic University, offering courses and training options to satisfy both your need for learning and for professional development. We’re here to help you make the biggest impact with your students – while using our products – and to help you earn product certification and clock hours.

A Guide to Successful Parent Meetings

Parent Meeting

Parent meetings represent a crucial opportunity for educators to interact with parents. For music educators, parent meetings early in the year become even more vital. While the back-to-school season is hectic for everyone, taking time to ensure a positive interaction at the start of the year will be well worth it.

Asa Burk on Getting Started with SmartMusic

Asa Burk

I have been using SmartMusic in the classroom since the late 90’s. While SmartMusic has evolved and changed quite a bit over the past two decades one thing has remained constant – its ability to enhance and support what we do in the classroom. It has arguably become more and more capable over the years.

2015 Southwest Summer Music Exhibition


The 2015 Southwest Summer Music Exhibition begins this Thursday on the beautiful River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

We hope to see you there! Stop by booth #4055 and get more information on how we’re bringing SmartMusic to Chromebook, our brand new choir repertoire, and how Texas Proclamation 2015 could fund SmartMusic in your classroom.

Music for Music’s Sake

Music for Music's Sake video image

This television commercial aired a few years back touting the 21st century progressiveness of a communications company. In the background Gene Wilder is singing “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The announcer explains that when we were five years old, anything was possible.

SmartMusic in Music Education Tech Classes

SmartMusic in Tech Classes

I teach at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest. Our music education students, like most others I would assume, are required to take one course each in brass, woodwind, string and percussion tech. We meet one day of the week for 50 minutes, so time is a major factor in developing the appropriate syllabi for each course.

Talking to Parents about SmartMusic

Talking to Parents about SmartMusic

Thinking about implementing SmartMusic into your program? Ongoing communication with parents can ensure they will help make it happen. Many directors have found that the best way to start this dialog is to host a SmartMusic information and demonstration event.

Parent SmartMusic Demonstration

Whether you schedule a special parent night or include a demonstration at a concert, be sure parents see students performing with SmartMusic.