Starting a New School Year with SmartMusic

Starting a New School Year with SmartMusic

Have you started to hear school bells ringing in your sleep? The fall term is coming for all of us. While no one needs more things to do in the fall, if you set a little time aside to set up SmartMusic, you can quickly and easily set your program and students up for success – and save time later.

Asa Burk on Getting Started with SmartMusic

Asa Burk

I have been using SmartMusic in the classroom since the late 90’s. While SmartMusic has evolved and changed quite a bit over the past two decades one thing has remained constant – its ability to enhance and support what we do in the classroom.

Music for Music’s Sake

Music for Music's Sake video image

This television commercial aired a few years back touting the 21st century progressiveness of a communications company. In the background Gene Wilder is singing “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.