SmartMusic Repertoire Update: March 2016

SmartMusic Repertoire Update March 2016

This week we added 25 new ensemble titles to the SmartMusic Repertoire Library. Included are new pieces for choir, concert band, jazz ensemble, and string orchestra (a full list appears below). Also added (but not listed) is an additional method, Do It! Play in Band, which includes several features not seen in a SmartMusic method previously, including play-along (call and response) and improvisation exercises.

Recommending Summer Music Camps

Summer Music Camps - photo courtesy of

Now is the ideal time of the year to present opportunities for summer music study to your students and their families. There are many different kinds of summer music camps available for your students; I’d like to share some thoughts with you about the summer music camps outside those offered by your school or program.

Using Audiation to Improve Student Musicianship

Using Audiation to Improve Student Musicianship

While I attended many fantastic sessions at the Midwest Clinic last December, one really stood out for me: Chad West’s clinic on teaching musicianship to young students. Chad suggested that music educators often focus on reading notation and building technique, but don’t spend enough time working with students on internalizing rhythm, hearing tonal relationships, and developing creativity.

Leveraging Ear-Training in Your Group Rehearsals

Leveraging Ear Training in Your Group Rehearsals

In my studio, I often find myself teaching elements of fundamental musicianship to my college students, most frequently related to singing, ear-training, and awareness of their own sound. I’ve often wondered how dramatically student musicianship would improve if every student had the opportunity to learn these skills in a proactive, rather than reactive way.

How to Keep Your Students Engaged

Keeping Your Students Engaged

I will forever remember the first elementary school violin class I taught as a student teacher just five months ago. As I stood in front of 30 tiny people and their even smaller instruments, it took all the strength I had to make it through the 45-minute lesson without passing out.

Support Chamber Music in the Schools

The Quid Nunc Saxophone Quartet

I believe strongly in the power of chamber music in a high school music program. The Ronald Reagan Band program has benefited greatly from the increased musicianship produced by many of the student-led chamber ensembles that have been developed in the school over the last several years.

Brass Tactics: Building Virtuosity in the Brass Section

Brass Tactics - Building Virtuosity in the Brass Section

Developing a strong brass section requires individual attention to brass fundamentals. There are five areas of brass study that need to be practiced daily in order to maintain technique as well as further developing technique. These areas of study include tone production, flexibility, dexterity, articulation, and range.

Manhattan Beach Music Partnership Announced

Here’s a recent tweet to @SmartMusic:

Frank Ticheli Request Tweet

This is certainly not the first time someone has requested the music of Frank Ticheli!

We created the  SmartMusic Repertoire Request page to provide a means for educators to let us know what titles they’d most like to see added to the SmartMusic library.