Using Formative Assessment in the Music Classroom

It’s a common scenario — you’re stuck in a professional development session that doesn’t apply to you because your ensemble classroom isn’t like a math or language arts class. You want to work with these great teaching techniques, but the presenter just doesn’t understand the limitations and circumstances involved in the music classroom.

Update on the New SmartMusic Beta Test: May 31, 2016

Update on the new SmartMusic beta test

As we did on April 14 and May 2, today’s post is a progress update on the collaboration between the SmartMusic development team and the hundreds of music educators who are participating in the beta test of the new SmartMusic. While we are no longer adding new testers to the SmartMusic beta program, these posts make public some of the accomplishments that have been made in the last few weeks.

Frank Ticheli Music Now in SmartMusic

Frank Ticheli Music Now in SmartMusic

Back in February MakeMusic announced a new partnership with Manhattan Beach Music, publishers of the music of Timothy Broege, Bob Margolis, Michael Markowski, Steve Rouse, Frank Ticheli, and many other fine concert band composers and arrangers.

Today we’re excited to announce that the first batch of Manhattan Beach titles is now available in SmartMusic.

Update on the New SmartMusic Beta Test: May 2, 2016

Update on the new SmartMusic beta testLast month we offered our first peek into the beta testing currently under way with the new SmartMusic. Since then great progress has been made thanks to the hundreds of music educators who’ve provided us with input.

Here are just some of the accomplishments we’ve made together in the last few weeks:

13 Bugs Identified & Fixed

Again, these were primarily small bugs, mostly related to the assignment and grading loop, but we’re grateful to put them behind us.

Alfred Music Joins the Peaksware Family

Peaksware + Alfred_blog

Earlier today, SmartMusic’s parent company Peaksware, announced that Alfred Music, the world’s largest educational music publisher, will be joining its portfolio of companies. This is very exciting news for us at MakeMusic. But what does it mean for our products and our customers?

Both Alfred Music and MakeMusic will continue to operate independently.

Update on the New SmartMusic Beta Test

beta blogAs you may have read last week, we are hard at work on the new SmartMusic, and eager to make sure that all SmartMusic users are up-to-date on our progress. Back in February we recruited nearly 500 music educators to participate in a private beta test of the new SmartMusic.

More SmartMusic Options This Fall

SM_New SM Update_blog_v2SmartMusic accelerates learning by providing students with immediate feedback and a vital connection with their teacher. For many educators, the benefits the program  offers are clear. What’s less clear is how to make the SmartMusic experience as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We’re creating  the new SmartMusic to help facilitate the participation of every music student.

A Band Director’s Guide to Teaching Choir

Derrick Fox (1)

In an ever-shifting job market, the ability to teach both band and choir has become a necessity for many music educators. Combined with the considerable research touting the benefits of singing for instrumentalists, it is clear that many band directors can benefit from learning more about basic choral pedagogy.

Kay Hawley and International Women’s Day

Kay Hawley and International Women’s Day

Today, Tuesday, March 8, is International Women’s Day, an opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. In observation of the day I’d like to recognize one inspirational music educator.

Kay Hawley grew up in rural Minnesota, the only girl among four brothers; even most of her cousins were male.