Can SmartMusic help AFTER the holiday concert?

Right now most of you are busily ramping up for holiday concerts, and using SmartMusic to ensure your students are better prepared than ever.

Soon, however, the holiday concert will be but a great memory, followed by a gap in the calendar – a time when practicing may not be at the forefront of your student’s minds. Short of giving them homework, how can you persuade them to practice over the break without the leverage of an impending concert?

The SmartMusic “What we’re playing” dashboard can help!

Today your account is probably displaying your current concert music under “What we’re playing.” By updating this list, you can give students a preview of the next concert or simply challenge them by suggesting interesting pieces.

How does it work? After you log in, open one of your classes. Click “add” on the “What we’re playing” dashboard to select from your list of recently played titles. Click “edit” to remove any pieces currently listed.

If you’d like to add to the list of “Recently Played” titles, visit Find Music to navigate to any title, and subsequently add it to the “Recently Played” playlist.

Once you’ve updated the “What we’re playing” list, those pieces will display for every student when they log in, without you having to create any assignments. It’s a handy way to get students curious!

Are you using the “What we’re playing” list? Let us know how that – or anything else in SmartMusic – is working for you by clicking on “Comments” below.

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