Best Back-to-School Resources

Best Back to School Resources

School is back in session and we know you are busy. To help you get answers quickly to the most frequently asked questions at this time of year, we’ve compiled our best back-to-school resources for you in one place. Please visit our Educator Resources page that provides in depth information on many topics including:

How to Setup a Class

A class provides the platform that enables you to communicate with and teach your students using SmartMusic. Through classes, you gain access to the tools in SmartMusic that help you guide, evaluate and document student growth.

Enrolling Your Students

Each of your SmartMusic classes now includes a unique class enrollment link that makes it easy for students to enroll directly into a class. With the class enrollment link, the school and class are already chosen for your students, so you don’t have to worry about whether the student has set up their account correctly.


Watch this video to see how the class enrollment link helps make enrolling easier.

Implementing SmartMusic

This resource is designed so that you first learn about SmartMusic’s content and practice tools. Next, you experience how to use SmartMusic during sectionals and rehearsals as you set up a pilot program for creating and monitoring student assignments for practice at home or school. Included are best practices for fully implementing SmartMusic into your program.

Implement page 

Communicating with Parents

As a teacher, you already know the importance of communicating with the parents of your students. Sharing with them your class goals, grading policies, and expectations helps everyone feel more comfortable and can alleviate possible misunderstandings throughout the year. SmartMusic makes the communication easier. Click here to get ideas on how to present SmartMusic to parents.

We hope this helps you with some of the most common SmartMusic questions. Click on the “Comments” link below if you have questions or comments.

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