Teaching Improvisation by Ear

Teaching Improvisation by Ear

Improvisation is Scary

The excitement of playing in an environment with “no wrong notes” quickly turns ugly when a student realizes that only the “right” notes will create a solo that sounds like their favorite artist. Students should have an introduction to improvisation (jazz or otherwise) that generates confidence while also developing musicianship and ear training.

A Guide to Successful Parent Meetings

Parent Meeting

Parent meetings represent a crucial opportunity for educators to interact with parents. For music educators, parent meetings early in the year become even more vital. While the back-to-school season is hectic for everyone, taking time to ensure a positive interaction at the start of the year will be well worth it.

SmartMusic in Texas: Approved and Proven

To correspond with our visit to San Antonio this week for the Southwest Summer Music Exhibition, we’ve created this interactive Piktochart that details the implementation of SmartMusic in Texas:

Have feedback or questions for us about SmartMusic in Texas? Please feel free to click on “Comments” below, or if you’re at the Southwest Expo, come and see us in person at booth 4055.