Feature Friday: Practice Loops

FeatureFriday_Practice Loops


Students have varying methods of practice at home.

The biggest offenders that I’ve noticed with my students over the years include: playing too fast, focusing the majority of practice time on parts that they can already play well, or skipping difficult sections entirely. SmartMusic’s loop feature can eliminate these issues, and teach your students to practice efficiently.

Midwest Panel Discussion Video Series Pt. 3

Midwest Clinic 1Mike Holden, Highcrest Middle School

Although Mike technically is the “youngster” of the group, his use of SmartMusic in the past four years allows him to offer sage SmartMusic tips in this Midwest Panel Discussion. Mike uses SmartMusic to give his students more exposure to pieces before they play as an ensemble.

Feature Friday: Response Assignments

Response Assignments are a great way to send and receive many different resources to your students. If you are not familiar with how Response Assignments work, watch this 1:45 tutorial video:


Response Assignments can eliminate printing paper permission slips, surveys, quizzes, or burning cd’s for music listening and analysis.

SmartMusic Update Information


Here at MakeMusic, we’ve continued to make improvements that will provide both you and your students the very best experience with SmartMusic. Coming soon is a substantial update that not only includes a large number of fixes, but also several key enhancements. This update will happen automatically, and no action on your part is needed.

75 New Titles Released in SmartMusic Today


Title Comp/Arr/Lyr Music Type Pepper Level Emerald Bay Gruner, Greg Concert Band VE Toward a Northern Star Gilroy, Gary P. Concert Band M Suspended Animation Burns, Patrick J. Concert Band ME Wilderness Scenes (From the Journal of Discovery) Sweeney, Michael Concert Band M Invincible Eagle, The (March) Sousa, John Philip arr.

Piece of the Week: Red Rhythmico

PieceOfTheWeek_BlogHeader_Red Rhythmico Composition Notes:

“Red Rhythmico” is a jazz-rock piece that infuses straight-ahead rhythmic intensity with jazz and rock melodies and chord voicings. Every player in the orchestra plays challenging lines, and there are great solo lines for two violins and two cellos.

“Red Rhythmico” was written as a continuation of my earlier “Blue Rhythmico” ideas.

Feature Friday: Tempo Adjustment

FeatureFriday_BlogHeader_Tempo Adjustment

SmartMusic uses a world-class time stretching algorithm that allows you to change the tempo of an mp3 recording without changing the pitch. Given that the large ensemble audio tracks in SmartMusic are mp3’s, this algorithm must also maintain the transience and timbre of the recorded instruments to be an effective practice tool.

Piece of the Week: Allegro Barbaro by Béla Bartók

PieceOfTheWeek_BlogHeader_Allegro Barbaro Composition Notes

Allegro Barbaro was composed in 1911 for solo piano. However, the first performance didn’t occur until 1921. Like many of Bartók’s compositions, there are several different editions of Allegro Barbaro. The piece was performed in private by Bartók many times by memory before he even started to notate the music.

Feature Friday: Tuner and Metronome

FeatureFriday_BlogHeader_Tuner and Metronome About Feature Friday:

Successful implementation of SmartMusic can improve and streamline so many of the tasks a music teacher does on a daily basis, both inside and outside your classroom. That being said, it’s human nature to fall into a routine that may not be using all of SmartMusic’s capabilities.

New Solo Repertoire in SmartMusic

12 low brass solos were released in SmartMusic today:

Title Comp/Arr/Lyr Instrument Pepper Level Air from Suite No. 3 in D Bach, Johann Sebastian arr. by Fote, Richard Trombone ME For He That Is Mighty (from  The Magnificat ) Bach, Johann Sebastian arr. by Figert, Peter Trombone ME Hail the Conquering Hero (from  Judas Maccabaeus ) Handel, George Frederic arr.