Clarinet and Sax: Back to School Tips


Back to school season is here, and it’s time to start planning your first few weeks of school. Here are some things to keep in mind when building lesson plans for clarinet and sax students as you begin your year.

Three Things for Year One, Week One

Getting beginners off to a strong start makes a better first impression for students and parents, and saves you valuable time later by teaching good habits from the beginning.

Woodwind Repairs Every Director Should Know

Reed Repair

Students love their instruments to death. If one of your students alerts you of an instrument in need of life support, here are a few triage tips. While many of these woodwind repairs are not permanent fixes, they may help you get through the concert.


When an instrument is in good working order all keys should move easily.

7 Reed Care Tips for Beginners

Installing an alto sax reed

It’s a scenario every band teacher has experienced: a student walks up with tears in her eyes and wails, “My clarinet is broken!” or declares, “My sax squeaks on every note!” You look under the ligature, and an ugly swamp monster stares back at you; the reed is nearly black with who-knows-what and chipped so badly you suspect it was used to carve rock.