Flipping the Classroom: Does It Work? Will It Work for Me?

Flipping the Classroom: Does It Work…and Will It Work for Me?

In a previous SmartMusic blog post I shared some actionable tips for flipping the ensemble classroom. Today I’d like to focus on the history and efficacy of flipping the classroom and share a few tips to get started or to take your flipping to the next level.

A Brief History of the Flipped Classroom

By now, most educators have at least a rudimentary understanding of the concept of flipping the classroom.

Flipping the Ensemble Classroom

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“Flipping the classroom” is all the rage in education right now. Advancements in technology have changed how teachers teach by making the distribution of education no longer dependent on being physically present with a teacher in the same time and space. Traditionally, flipping the ensemble classroom means that the students learn the content outside of class time and then come to class to apply the content.