Creatively Preparing the Music Department Budget

One of a music director’s most difficult tasks is preparing the music department budget. In addition to tapping your inner accountant, you also have to predict the future in order to anticipate both the growth and long-term needs of your music program. Two keys for success are to always keep long-range planning in mind and to constantly strive to promote cooperation within your district.

Harmony in the Music Department

Music teachers having an argument

Everyday music educators experience some type of stress. It may come in the form of dealing with rowdy students or unhappy parents. It may be the result of performance demands or schedule conflicts. Whatever the source, we face it and make the best of it. Sometimes, however, the stress originates within the music department.

Preparing Students for the First Concert of the Year

unprepared student in white socks and black shoes

Student preparation for the first concert of the year can be stressful. Every director, new or seasoned, feels the pressure to fully prepare the music and make it concert-ready. As the day of the concert approaches we’ll occasionally find ourselves wide awake in the middle of the night, haunted that we’ve forgotten some crucial detail.