Previewing Exercises and Method Books in SmartMusic

SmartMusic includes thousands of pre-written technical exercises. On the Find Music screen, under Exercises, you’ll see the eight different types of exercises listed:

Select one of the eight by clicking on it, you’ll see a different view of the program:

On the left side is a descriptive “file tree” view of the exercises, organized by type.

Hidden Treasure in SmartMusic

Here are four lesser-known aspects of SmartMusic I thought you might enjoy:

Not everyone knows that SmartMusic has reverb controls! To access them, select the “Settings” tab and click on “Advanced Settings.” Press the play button to hear a sample piece play while you adjust the room type and amount of reverb SmartMusic will include with your performances.

New Ideas for SmartMusic?

Last week I described how to submit SmartMusic repertoire suggestions. I’ve since had folks ask if there was a place where they could pass along their ideas for features or new directions with the SmartMusic program.

Getting SmartMusic Repertoire Faster

Among many other improvements, SmartMusic 2010 speeds up the file retrieval process and makes files easier to manage. Today SmartMusic grabs content à la carte – as you pick each piece, rather than requiring you to slowly download one very large (+800MB) block of files as it did in the past.