Music Ed Mentor Podcast #65: The Music Industry and YOU

music industry and you

One of the smartest things I did in my pre-music teaching life was to work at a music store. Not only did I make lifelong friends, I got to know all of the other music teachers in the area where I worked, I learned a lot about music instruments and accessories, I got to attend live performances of Broadway shows, meet professional musicians and celebrities, and basically develop a knowledge of the music industry.

Rehearsal Tip: Make Repetition Meaningful

Let’s face it: sometimes your students just need to repeat difficult sections over and over and over again. Unfortunately, doing it the same way every time has some issues:

It gets boring really quickly It may not be the way every student learns best It makes your students not believe you when you say, “Last Time!” And #3 opens you up for sarcasm and hilarious music teacher jokes

To help, here are some ways to make repeating the same line or phrase fun and engaging for every student.

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