Meet Steve in Chicago

SteveSteve Struhar, SmartMusic’s Product Manager, will be in the Chicago/Naperville area March 31 – April 1, 2014. He’s bringing along two User Interface specialists, and he’d like to sit down with you to study how you interact with the SmartMusic software.

Would you like to meet with Steve?

Halloween Music

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October is the month we search for new Halloween Music to learn on our instruments. As both a private piano instructor, and a beginning cello student, I am familiar with how seasonal tunes can motivate instrumentalists to practice. If you haven’t checked out the holiday selections in SmartMusic, follow these steps to search for them:

Computer instructions:

Log into your account and click on “Find Music” on the left side of the screen.

SmartMusic as a Listening Tutor

We’re all familiar with those pesky music literature listening quizzes. Either we administer them, we’ve taken them, or we have one coming up next week. I’m talking about the quizzes in that one class that every music student could skip and learn everything they need to know just by sticking to a strict plan of going to the public library and listening to every possible piece of music.

How songs get into SmartMusic


SmartMusic is best known for its use in the schools of the United States and Canada however there are thousands of musicians around the world who also see the benefit of using SmartMusic as part of their teaching and practicing.

My First Cello Recital with SmartMusic!

I started taking cello lessons in October 2011. As a music teacher, it’s been a long time since I’ve been a beginner on an instrument. But I figured it was important to experience a little of what my students are experiencing. Cello was the right instrument to choose.

Baseball Beth, SmartMusic, and Music Education

Baseball Beth and her keyboard/composition student, Jake

My friends call me Baseball Beth. In addition to being a fervent fan of America’s greatest pastime, I’m a MakeMusic employee, a piano composition instructor, and a show director at a local music school. I’ve recently discovered a great music education resource that I’d like to share with others, and I’ve been invited to be a guest blogger on the SmartMusic blog to do so.